Gajaratnavelu Ganesh is not only a “BUILDER & REALTOR” but also a qualified Civil Engineer, by qualification. Obtained Bachelor in Civil Engineering degree of Bangalore University, is a member of the Institution of Engineers of India (IEI) and a “Chartered Engineer” as designated by the Institution of Engineers of India. Is a good valuer and trained well in estimation and Quantity surveying. By nature, is endowed with an artistic skill of Architecture. Imparts an imposing look to all his buildings erected as per plan. That is the stamp age of his originality.
Has an orthodox outlook of life and is a true believer of Vaishnavisim. Is a Rotarian (Rotary Club OF Royapettah) and a Mason from Lodge Engineers no: 340, having a remarkable charitable disposition and a helping tendency to give succour to the deserving, needy and poor.
Was born on the 7th of July 1965 in Chennai, being the only son of a Former Superintend Engineer/civil of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board., Mr K.P.Gajaratnavelu and Narayani, a native of Chennai, had his early education and schooling in Dominic Savio & St. Bedes A-I Hr-Sec School, a Don Bosco institution. Later graduated as an engineer form Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur, Karnataka, affiliated to the University of Bangalore.
After graduation, his aspiration to do business went work as apprentice trainee under various contractors and after gaining an experience of two and half yrs, straightaway jumped into the builders trade taking small job works, small contacts and slowly took up independent house constructions in the suburbs of Chennai, after marriage with Smt. Lakshimi in 1992, daughter of Sri P.G.Venugopal the Chairman and Managing Director of Dev Apartments and Dev Group of Companies, adyar, Chennai, worked under the chairman & his sons, as their company engineer for 3 years and learned the art of identifying properties and developing them into residential apartments and also involved in marketing and merchandising techniques.
Later started on his own with his wife as partner in the name and style of “SRI LAKSHIMI HOMES.” Mr. Ganesh is also the Director Operations of HOTEL SHELTERS, Mylapore, a three star, business class hotel which is a unit of Dev Groups.


We are not a profit oriented or profit motivated builders. We accept our selves as a service provider. We are not promoting charity but we are keen in building homes at an affordable price giving predominance to strength and stability to our buildings by appointing professional people structural engineers & architects thereby influencing technology and modern methods by which we provide longevity and decent level of aesthetics to our building.
We believe in building self reliant buildings which means : a building which will facilitate to promote natural lighting, upgrading its ground water resources and withstanding natural weathering giving maximum warmth, coolant and utmost safety for its habitants.
Adequate cutouts and vents are provided in our construction, to see that hot airs within the building in vented out and also by providing ventilation to internal rooms by placing sky vent in the internal area of the structure/ building.
Abundant care is applied in providing cross ventilation windows to rooms by providing two windows on its exteriors providing light and air movement. The safety of the wooden fixtures provided in the building is given predominance by the usage of “TERMITE TREATMENT” right from the foundation levet, superstructure, application on door and window frames.
The main door or the entrance of each apartment are provided with a monolithic teak wood frame and wooden framed panel doors with elegant designs, brass hinges telescopic view finder, door chain, necessary tower bolt, padlocks, outer hall drops 7 lever branded lock to our main doors with an external grill gate for additional safety.
More care is taken in the internal design of the room configuration of each dwelling units i.e., when there are more than six dwelling units or otherwise if no of flats in the complex is more, maximum units are designed as TWO BED ROOM FLATS not exceeding plinth area of 900 sft or 90 sq.m & not less than 750 sft or 75 sq.m. so that the cost of the flats will be within the purchasing capacity of maximum segment of buyers.
Further, the master bed rooms will generally be designed with a carpet area of dimension (110 sft to 120 sft ), for comfortable movement space. Generally drawing cum dining are designed together situated in the centre in rectangular or “L” shaped form were one corner or end will lead to French window cum door leading to a balcony or a sit-out, providing light and ventilation. All kitchens will have a service verandah in our design.All three bed room flats will have three bathroom facilities with provisions & power for Air conditioners.
All electrical lights are concealed with adequate light points and power points usually in drawing & dining 3 to 2 fan points, Chandiler points, 2 tube lights and 2 fancy fittings are provided. Bedroom shall have a/c power provisions, 1 fancy fitting and fan point in coil hip and tube light provisions.
Bathroom has exhaust fan, ceiling fan provision if requested by clients with mirror lamp & 5 amp power points for shaving equipments and an 15 amp power point for geysers.
Kitchens are now designed for “Euro Modular Kitchen” with “Chimney- exhaust” & 4 power points for using modern kitchen appliances are provided. Service verandahs are given in-let to out-let water provisions with power points to fix washing machines, T.V, telephones cables are placed in drawings and on request even in master beds.
Master bedrooms also enjoy balcony in our designs, in three bedroom flats, 2 bedroom flats has a balcony and service verandah in kitchen & French window cum balcony in drawing cum dining areas which ensure ventilation and provision for a look out from the premises.
Our motive is to provide maximum importance in useful space usage. Our architects are advised to avoid long corridors and lobbies in common space, in order to reduce excess common area. Usually dog- legged stairways or open well stairways surrounding the lift well / shaft are generally designed for sake of reducing more common space utility for the buyer.


Rain water harvesting was exercised in our building even long before the government enforced the importance of it, and started implementing. During 1985 while constructing projects in Anna nagar, our water requirement was supplemented by available wells or we were forced to dig bore wells and while doing so, we noticed that the water was either soft or hard. Once we sent the water sample to King Institute and we found that chloride and phosphates were present in these waters and their pH ion concentration was high, though the ground water table was within the considerable depth. The institute expert opinions advised us not to use the water as binding agent while mixing cement. then we opted to buy quality water for construction purposes. We envisaged that after construction the occupant will have to depend only on government water supply for cooking. But there major other requirements will be supplemented from the ground water available in their premises. So, we used to dig a shallow well of 20ft dept with diameters 5ft and connect the run-off water pipes, from the roof terrace to these wells. During the monsoon the run- off water will flow directly into the wells and enrich the capacity of yield to the bore wells. Total cementing of the outer pavement is avoided and instead plants were planted and to ensure that rain water are retained by the soil surroundings the building premises further enhancing the property to uphold the water levels in the wells to supplement the occupant’s requirements . We have now advanced our rain harvesting methods as recommended by the metro water prescribed designed.
In general I am a lover of plants. When ever I purchase a property I may pull down the existing building but not the plants. I have saved many of the trees and further more after the completion of our projects We buy huge amount of saplings of useful trees and shrubs and plant it on to the periphery of our building. We have established horticulturist contractors to do the plantations; even we have done Trans plantations of grown trees in our projects. Thus, we improve the aesthetics appearances of the building not only establishing beautiful architecture to our buildings our boundaries of our buildings green.
Further I enclose a detailed specification which we regularly adopt in our buildings.
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