While reading my web, you will find it rather peculiar to see some one talking about his “Story” on his business web page “yes, it is contrary that the hard times of my life has rather led me to become a builder Not for the lust of becoming RICH, but for an aspiration to have our own home., which me and my family longed for...’ a Home for OUR- selves”
As in my chronology, though being a son of eminent government civil engineer, of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. Both me and my dad had an uncherished dream of making a modest home in a decent part of Chennai metropolis. During 1975 to 1980 while I grew up to become an adolescent boy, coming to terms with the financial realities of my family in my intimate time with my dad. I heared him speaking to me of his achievements and failures & he instigated in me of his aspiration to have our “own roof” on our head tops in Chennai. This was deeply shot in my heart like a “bullet” with which I raised myself to become as a builder and one of my future goals or rather a “mission” to achieve in life. There were my friends at that age enjoyed which I had to sacrifice to work towards my aspiration, which me and my dad fancied for. I gave up my sports, my love for watching movies and listening to music and started to bull work industriously to struggle for placements in prestigious engineering college to become as a professional engineer like my dad.
When I finished my graduation as bachelor in civil engineering I did not pursue to advance towards higher degrees, instead came to “fray” into the society seeking a job as a field or site engineer to gain professional experience. Infact my parents (Father) were still insisting me to do some higher specialization in my field, for I became a “Prodigal” son by disobeying his desire and instead took up an assignment as a freelance civil engineer doing petty jobs. My first project as I'm proud to say was a construction of a “toilet” room at AZIZ MULK 3rd street in rampant parts of the congested habit of noth east, Chennai, behind the sapphire theatre and thousand lights, thus started my carrier as a civil engineer doing small contracts, labours contracts and slowly advanced in constructing independent house at anna nagar and southern chennai. I even worked as a site supervisor to various contractors and builders. The motive was to make quick money and join hands with my father in accomplishing our dream in building modest homes for ourselves, which really happened in 1988 when my dad managed to find small piece of land some where near to a ground and he gave me the privilege of designing the entire building, planning entire construction as well as raising a loan of 1.5 lakhs from his employment.
We did build our first home which was accomplished after living as a tenant for 30 long years. It was the greatest joy of our life time and an evolution of thought erupted in me. I swore to my conscience that I will work upward to establish myself as a home provider for the unaffordable, lower and upper middle class segments which i belongs to, who also have the same dream, which we had, but still burning in their hearts waiting to be accomplished.
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